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About Our Digital Content

An 'eBook' is a digital version of a printed book. Just as a printed book can be purchased as a hardback or paperback, so a digital version can also be found in a number of different formats. To add to the confusion, there are a large number of different electronic devices that display a selection of these various formats.

Although there are many different eBook formats, the most common are ePub, PDF and mobi. All of our eBooks are available as PDFs, ePubs or both.

PDF: Adobe's PDF format has long been used for electronic documents and most modern desktop and laptop computers include software for reading PDF files. Adobe Digital Editions is a popular application for reading PDF eBooks on Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers. In addition, most smartphones, tablets and dedicated eReaders can view this format, making PDFs the most widely-accessible eBook format. PDFs retain the layout, formatting and imagery of the original document, making them ideal for complex layouts, picture books, etc.

ePub: Most 'pure text' books – such as novels, biographies and histories – are best suited to this flexible format, since many eReader devices let you change the size and font style of the text, allowing you to customise the page view to best suite you. ePubs may contain photographs and illustrations, but generally maintain a simple, single-column display of text and images.

Fixed-Layout and other Enhanced ePubs: Many publishers have been pushing the boundaries of the ePub format by including audio, movie clips and even simple animations. Apple introduced 'Fixed-Layout' ePubs for their iOS devices, which allow for more control over text and image placement and allow for full-page illustrated books. In this way, Fixed-Layout ePubs behave more like PDFs than standard ePubs. In addition, Fixed-Layout Audio ('Read-Aloud') ebooks include the ability to highlight words or sentences while listening to an audio recording of the book.

Available Formats

The Froobles books are available as either PDF, Fixed-layout ePub or both. When both formats are available (PDF+EPUB), two separate download links will be provided after purchase; you may choose to use either or both formats, depending on your e-reader device. Enhanced audio ebooks are only available in Fixed-Layout ePub format. These are currently only compatible with Apple's iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices), but we expect many more eReaders will support this format in the future. (Kobo's Vox reader is expected to support Fixed-Layout Audio ePubs in early 2012).

For more great children's books in print, PDF or ePub formats, please visit

Device Support

Desktops (and laptops)

desktop icon

  • Windows 7, Vista and XP computers (Adobe Acrobat, OpenOffice or similar for PDF; Adobe Digital Editions for ePub files)
  • Mac OS X computers (Apple Preview, Adobe Acrobat or similar for PDF; Adobe Digital Editions for ePub files)


ereader icon

  • Amazon Kindle (pdf only)
  • Sony Reader
  • Barnes & Noble Nook
  • Kobo eReaders
  • Aluratek Libre
  • Be Book
  • Many more


smartphone icon

  • BlackBerry
  • Android
  • Palm Pre smartphones


ipad icon

  • Apple iBooks software with iOS 4 or later
  • Many PDF and ePub readers are available on the iTunes App store

iPhone & iPod Touch

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  • Apple iBooks software with iOS 4 or later2
  • Many PDF and ePub readers are available on the iTunes App store


  1. iBooks is not compatible with the original iPhone or iPod Touch.

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